Diana is a psychotherapist in private practice who works with adolescents and adults in the Union Square/Financial District of San Francisco.  Diana currently sees clients who are struggling with personal and professional life transitions, depression and anxiety.   Diana started her professional career as a prosecutor at the District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, New York.  Timed with her move cross-country, she pursued a masters in social work at UCLA where she concentrated on mental health training. Follow her at dianagarbertherapist.com.
moving with a toddler

Moving with a Toddler: 4 Tips for a Smooth Transition

I stepped on my last toy at 3 a.m. in the narrow, narrow hallway of our narrow, narrow apartment. It was time. My family and I took the plunge and traded our right-in-the-center-of-it all...
mental load motherhood

Tackling the Mental Load of Motherhood

Most women I know feel that the split of managing household tasks is. . . unbalanced between their partners and themselves. A recent article in The Washington Post backs up that feeling with these...
cell phone

{Modern Life} Putting Away My Phone (But, Oh, How I Miss It)

Before my baby was born, my husband and I did not really discuss parenting styles. We knew that all of our best-laid plans would be thrown out the window once we were in the...
woman managing time

Taking Care of Others Starts with Taking Care of Ourselves

I can be very goal-driven and often find myself ignoring my own self-care to pursue whatever my current project is. Whether that be skipping yoga, quiet mornings, or naps, I have noticed that at...

I WILL Take Time for Myself This Year

Last month, most of us were repeatedly reminded to set New Year’s Resolutions—that pesky cue that we could and should be doing differently and better in 2017.  I’m here to suggest something radical.  Instead...

The Other Side of the Holidays

It is halfway through December and somehow, without even noticing, Christmas tunes have taken over the airwaves, presents have started to pile up underneath the tree (or menorah) and twinkling lights are never far...

A Difference of Opinion :: Building Individuals

As infants become toddlers, children begin the process of individuating or separating from their parents.  This process, which starts around 15 months, continues through the teenage years and is critical for a child to...

Helping Toddlers Grow Emotionally

Last month I was lucky enough to spend a whole week with my 16-month-old niece. Besides taking credit for teaching Mallory the words “Di-Di” (a variation of my name that I pushed HARD) and...

How to Change Your Daughter’s Negative Body Image

In many households, the start of school means new clothes, however, back-to-school shopping can highlight negative body image for pre-teen and teen girls.  Returning to school can lead to feelings of insecurity and anxiety...
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