Callie has a M.S. Ed. and is a certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Specialist. She has a private practice as well as facilitates mommy and me classes and sleep workshops throughout the Bay Area.  She is passionate about educating families on the importance of restorative, quality sleep and providing the encouragement necessary to overcome sleep challenges. She lives in SF with her husband and 2 children. www.sleepless-in-sf.com
siblings sharing a room

(Room) Sharing is Caring: Having a Baby and Older Sibling Share a Room

We all know space in San Francisco is an endangered species. I’ve worked with hundreds of families in SF and, if you can think of a non-traditional living situation, I have seen it. Some...
flying with babies

Have Baby, Have to Travel – Advice for Your First Family Flight

"Flying with a baby is awesome," said no parent ever! Although these tips may not turn your little one into a jet-setter, they will definitely help prepare you and your family to fly more...
baby sleep on vacation

7 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Well on Vacation

The best vacation or visit with family and friends can go sideways if you're exhausted from sleepless nights with a baby. As a sleep consultant, this topic comes up a lot when I'm working...
newborn baby sleep

Welcoming Home Your Adorable New (Non) Sleeping Baby

Before I had my first daughter, a little over seven years ago, I was prepared. I went to tons of classes because I was going to know all there was to know. Plus, I...
baby sleep myths debunked

5 Baby Sleep Myths Debunked

Every parent has been given some unsolicited advice on sleep. Some of it was even true. Sleep myths abound and being a sleep consultant, let me tell you, I’ve heard almost all of them....
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