5 Simple Ways to Make Eating Fun for Toddlers

I was lucky that my oldest daughter was always a pretty good eater. She knew what she liked and would eat those foods with gusto, but she had a pretty good range. Like all...

Stay-at-Home Moms Can Raise Strong, Independent Daughters, Too

As I was sitting in traffic one morning with my girls, I asked my four-year-old if she thought all the mommies and daddies in the cars around us were going to work. Her response,...
be your child's advocate

Find Your MOMfidence and Use It

Being a new mom is scary – no two ways about it. Everything is new, exciting, challenging, tiring, and as you are trying to navigate through this amazing experience called motherhood, you have a...
saying sorry

Why I Say Sorry to My Children

From a young age, most moms try to ingrain the phrase, “I am sorry,” into their children. As a child is learning to share and play with other friends, it is inevitable that there...

Your Attainable Summer Checklist for Family Fun on the Peninsula

School is out, summer is here, and the list of summer plans are already starting. Vacations, camps, packed weekends - you name it. Every summer I feel like I have a laundry list of...
threenager phase

The Threenager Phase – Who knew?

Me to my three-year-old daughter: One second, Daddy needs to get one thing and then we can go. My daughter: Damn it, he always takes so long (with an eye roll). I’m sorry – what?! Not only...
c-section scar

Dear C-Section Scar: You’re Not So Bad After All

Dear C-Section Scar, I’ll admit when I found out at 36 weeks pregnant I was going to need you that I left the doctor's office in tears and sat crying in my car. How bad...
buy a minivan

To Minivan, or Not to Minivan: That Is the Question

In my three and a half years of being a mom, I’ve said the Mean Girls quote, “I’m not, like, a regular mom; I’m a cool mom,” more than once. I think most of...

Are You Anti Cry It Out and Pro Co-Sleeping? Me, Too.

I think most of us are guilty of uttering The phrase, “When I’m a mom I will never do (blank),” before you have kids. One of those resolutions for me was that I would...
diary allergies

Keeping My Guard Up: Life as a Dairy Allergy Mom

Food allergies are hard. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with a dairy allergy at six months old. We discovered it when we tried to introduce formula and she had a bad reaction. For her...
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