Amy is a mom to a beautiful boy who recently graduated into toddlerhood and a teacher in San Francisco Unified School District. She currently works at a middle school where she teaches technology and prepares for future (pre)teen years by getting daily practice on how to navigate pubescence and adolescence. Amy loves spending time with her family, and when she has some scheduled moments to herself, she enjoys meditating, writing, and focusing on her wellness. She is reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that she can’t do it all, and it’s okay!
toddler watching television for his allotted screen time of the day

Screentime Is My Frenemy

I met up with a girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in a while for a playdate a few weeks ago. Right after our hello hugs I guiltily blurted out, “We watch TV now.” When my...
digital screen with hand touching the touchscreen

Digital Tattoos: Your Child May Already Have One

I haven’t put my child online yet. I don’t want my husband to post photos of him, or our relatives, no one.  I am ambivalent because I miss out in sharing his milestones with...

Childcare Drama: When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Finding a daycare was one of the most stressful—and drama-filled—things I’ve ever done. It took four tries to really settle into a routine that's working. Here's what happened to us, and what you can...
affordable housing lottery san francisco

Affordable Housing in San Francisco: Yes, It’s Out There

Did you know affordable housing exists in San Francisco? Yes, you read right. Affordable housing (also known as inclusionary housing) exists, although it takes some work, patience and digging to find it and nab...
relations after pregnancy

Relationships After Pregnancy: A Work in Progress

When you’re pregnant, everyone says life will change. I remember people telling me that and thinking, “Duh... I know. We’ve waited and worked hard to get pregnant. We’re ready!” But no matter how ready...
instant pot pressure cooker recipes

What Happened When I Bought an Instant Pot

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. It was Prime Day, and I couldn’t help myself from venturing on to Amazon to see the latest and greatest deals. A backpack I needed was on sale. Great....
sfusd enrollment process san francisco public schools

Get Thee to SFUSD’s Enrollment Fair Happening October 13!

As a public school teacher, I am partial to public education. And while I’ve had a good amount of experience at some middle schools and high schools in various school districts, I’m still learning...
mom guilt

MOM GUILT – How I Deal with My Forever Companion to Find the...

No one prepared me for Mom Guilt. Since becoming a mom, and particularly since going back to work,  I feel guilty all the time. Some days are guiltier than others. Take today, for instance....
favorite trader joe's products

My TJ Top 10: What I Buy at Trader Joe’s to Stay True to...

My annual checkup brought me face to face with reality.  My days of carb-laden, dairy-rich meals that I had no problem eating during pregnancy and while accommodating my marathon-nurser are over.  It’s time to...
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