After four moves in six years (from Texas to Connecticut to Virginia!), Alessandra and her husband are excited to call San Francisco home for now. Alessandra has boy/girl twins born in November 2017 and is learning how to navigate the city with a double stroller and a dog. She works part-time for a startup and hopes to start teaching Barre again (in all her spare time). With all of their family on the East Coast, Alessandra is excited to be a part of this West Coast community. Foller her at alessandramarie.com and on Instagram: @alessmarie.

How We Built Our Babysitting Team in San Francisco

When we moved out to San Francisco last summer, we left all our family behind on the East Coast. That also meant we left all our built-in babysitters behind as well. As soon as...
exercise after baby

Postpartum Fitness: Why I Stopped Looking at My Personal Trainer as a Luxury

I’m going to be really honest about something - I was really scared of being pregnant because I was terrified that I would gain a lot of weight. When we found out we were...
meal delivery box review

I Tried All the Meal Delivery Boxes So You Don’t Have To

I first gave meal delivery services a try way back in 2014 when they were springing up everywhere and only really available in major cities. I started with Blue Apron and while the novelty...

Playing Tourist in Our Own City with Wheel Fun Rentals

This post is in partnership with Wheel Fun Rentals.   We recently took advantage of free childcare (aka grandparents in town!) to go on a rare day date. We moved to San Francisco one year...
breastfeeding twins

Feeding Twins: Double the Babies, Double the Guilt

As soon as I found out we were having twins, I thought I would have a laid back approach to feeding them. If breastfeeding worked, great! If we fed them with formula, great! I...

Things NOT to Say to Moms of Twins

I'd always heard that people make bizarre comments to pregnant women and new moms, but I was wholly unprepared for the kind of comments I'd get with twins (not to mention the touching!). Here...
expecting twins

“Well Guys, There Are Two!” (AKA So You Just Found Out You’re Having Twins…)

When I got pregnant somewhat unexpectedly, that news alone was shocking. But then to find out we were having twins…there were really no words. We decided to tell our families that we were pregnant...
baby gear for twins

Twins: You Don’t Need Two of Everything

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Once the sheer shock of being pregnant with twins has worn off, you’ll probably start panicking about needing DOUBLE the amount of stuff. My mind was spinning at the...

Tips for Plane Travel with Twins (You Can Do This!)

When my mom first suggested that we make the cross-country trip from San Francisco to Florida to visit her for a week with the twins, I thought the idea of flying with two...
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