After four moves in six years (from Texas to Connecticut to Virginia!), Alessandra and her husband are excited to call San Francisco home for now. Alessandra has boy/girl twins born in November 2017 and is learning how to navigate the city with a double stroller and a dog. She works part-time for a startup and hopes to start teaching Barre again (in all her spare time). With all of their family on the East Coast, Alessandra is excited to be a part of this West Coast community. Foller her at alessandramarie.com and on Instagram: @alessmarie.
coast near San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo: A Family-Friendly Vacation Destination Just 3 Hours Away

We met an amazing couple when we first moved into our building in Pacific Heights and it turned out our babies were due one day apart! Since we knew no one in SF, it...
clothing rack of children's cardigans

Make More, Spend Less: Shop Secondhand

Confession: I’m obsessed with children’s clothing. If I thought I had a shopping problem buying clothes for myself, I was totally wrong. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with the twins,...
find out how many products you've bought because you were influenced by instagram advertisements

Quiz: Are You an Instagram Marketer’s Dream?

This is a picture of me. I’m sitting on my Casper mattress covered in a Buffy comforter. I’m packing for a quick trip in my Away suitcase and I can’t forget my Quip toothbrush....
body confidence in swimsuits in after having kids

How to Psych Yourself Up to Wear the Dang Swimsuit

Before our kid-free vacation to Maui last month, I was a little panicked but probably not for the reasons you think. I mean, sure, I had a little anxiety about leaving the twins for...

How to Turn Your iPhone Videos into Home Movies

If you’re anything like me, you have approximately 4,392 videos of your kids on your phone. Not only are these clips hogging precious storage space, but how often do you really go back and...
date nights after kids

Revamping Date Nights Saved Us a Small Fortune

It had been a minute since my husband and I had a “real” date night—you know, the kind where you scramble to find a sitter, get dressed up, and eat fancy food. He’d been...
challenges of daily life with twin babies

The Unexpected Isolation of Having Twins

Earlier this week, I did the daycare pick up by myself, and I was stressed the whole way over. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find a parking spot, and then I...
childcare san francisco

Getting My Kids into Daycare Is Harder Than Admission to Harvard

I’ll admit I heard daycare horror stories when we first moved to SF. We were scared into believing that since we hadn’t spent hundreds of dollars on deposits before the twins were even conceived(!),...
traveling for the holidays

No, We’re Not Traveling for the Holidays

My husband and I both grew up on the East Coast and that’s where all our family still lives. Even when we lived within driving distance to both our families, holidays were tricky. When...
twins as individuals

Just Because They Are Twins Doesn’t Mean They Are the Same

With the twins' first birthday right around the corner, I’m already getting teary thinking about my babies growing up. I can’t believe they are going to be ONE, but I also can’t believe that...
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